Installing pyLoad on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Jessie

If you are anything like me [1], you like to have dedicated Services which do stuff for you. One of the Services I like in particular is pyLoad [2]. This program you be used to automatically load files from OneClick Hosters. This is esspecially useful if you run this on a small computer like the Raspberry Pi [3] and dump the downloaded data to a central Storage like a NAS.

There are lots of blogposts out there which detail how to install pyLoad on a RaspberryPi [4, 5, 6]. For most parts I don’t really want to say anything against these, but there was one point in particular that I dislike about all of these. This is the reason why I am now writing my own guide. So let’s get started.

32C3 – My personal video list

Hi there,

After quite a long time of silence (*cough* Sorry about that) I think I can write a new post.

At the end of last year I was at the 32C3. That is the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress. This year about 12000 nice people got together and captured the Congress Center in Hamburg for four days. Apart from the giant program of talks (which I will talk about in a second) the main part of the congress is the opportunity to meet other people and have a blast of a time. I managed to meet a lot of nice people and I learned so much during the time that I will need some time to fully sort that in my mind.

The Company Strikes Back & Return of the Notebook

For some time now, I haven’t been writing here. But since I was asked how the story about my notebook ended, I thought I should post an update here. Yes, I got my notebook back. It’s been three month now, that I have been using it, and everything seems to be fine. I wasn’t sure about that, when I received the package, so I documented every step of unboxing. 😉

A new hope

It looks like the DHL managed to pull my notebook back out of the lava pit it fell into. I received a mail from Lenovo that my notebook was returned to them, due to a wrong address. I phoned them and they sent it again.

Whatever happened to my Notebook?

Last year, around the end of March, I bought my new Laptop. I wanted a small device with a 11inch screen but with still a bit of punch so I was looking for a 4th generation i5 or i7 and 8GB of ram at least. I was searching for some time and all I came up with was the Apple MacBook Air 11. Ethically I can’t support buying Apple devices, so this was no real option, though I was damn near buying one nonthetless.

Why I like my students

This morning I was sitting at the Klausureinsicht for last terms course on operating systems. This is where students can get their results off the final exam and have a look at the corrections of the exam. One of the students, that I advised throughout the last term, came up to me and presented me with a small present. The student was even happier when (s)he was presented with a passing grade for the course.

Why I like the Raspberry Pi B+ more than the B model

For my master thesis I happen to work with several Raspberry Pi B+. I already own two older RasPi B, one which is my Media Centre and one as a small utilities server. But the redesign has some major improvements that I really, really like. 4 USB Ports: Not a major deal, but it makes my master project much easier because I can connect three Arduino to each RasPi without any problem.

Surprises with cheap Arduino versions

I just had a small surprise when I was assembling circuits for my master thesis project. When I was wondering why the Arduino wasn’t working as expected I discovered the following “bug”. This missing soldering point is the ground for one PWM pin. Its probably my own fault for buying cheap Arduino replacements from sainsmart instead of the original Arduino boards.

CCC-TV und Kodi (XBMC) … und 31C3 Vorträge

Ich habe gestern mal meinen Raspberry Pi aktualisiert und die neue Version 5 von OpenELEC installiert. Beim Stöbern durch das integrierte Repository für Erweiterungen bin ich über das neue CCC-TV-Plugin vom Kölner CCC gestolpert. Gerade jetzt nach dem Congress ist das Plugin super. Direkter Zugriff auf und eine praktische Integration in die Android-App Yatse (Amazon / Play Store) machen das Nachschauen der Vorträge vom 31C3 sehr angenehm. Leider ist mein Media-Center-Monitor inzwischen ziemlich im Eimer, aber ich bin einfach noch nicht dazu gekommen den auszutauschen.

Top Holgi-LOLs

Zur Feier der “Not-Safe-For-Work-Reunion” auf dem 31C3 wollte ich mal wieder die Top 5 Holgi-LOLs rauskramen. Allerdings scheint der damalige Blog inzwischen offline zu sein und auch im Webarchiv ist nur noch ein kleiner Teil zu finden (Link).

Also habe ich die entsprechenden Ausschnitte mal wieder aus den Podcasts herausgeschnitten: