Migrating My Blog to Hugo

I have been fed up with my old Wordpress-based blog for quite some time now. One factor might be the missing updates, but another issue was Wordpress (WP) itself. Sure, WP looks like a simple solution, if all you want is have a blog with some usable tools around it.

The biggest issue I have with WP, is the attack surface I expose on my server. Every site is dynamically generated with PHP (yuck!) and the site has stuff like logins to manage. Given the popularity of WP, it is a common target for attackers and securtity issues in WP are often exploited to get access to unsuspecting bloggers. That is the reason, why I want to get rid of WP, and dynamic pages, altogether.

Enter Hugo, a static site generator. With hugo I can organize my content nicely in a Git repository and automatically generate my site from there. No more dynamic parsing and no more exploitable user input on every page load.

Of course, there are also some small issues with a static site. First, there are no comments at the moment. There are dedicated comment tools for this purpose that I will look into, after the initial site ‘relaunch’ is done. Second, I have to make sure that the old content is rendered properly. This means going through all old posts and making sure everything looks okay.

For now I will upload this roughly migrated version, to get rid of WP. Everything else … later.

Update: I have integrated comments through isso. I had some issues getting the whole thing to work, but now it looks good, I think.