Saike 858D++ - First Block Diagram

After a short break, here is the first part about the redesign of the Saike 858D rework station (Overview).

Let’s talk about a rough block diagram for the new design.

Saike 858D Rework Station - Measurements

The next part in the series about reverse engineering the Saike 858D rework station (Overview) brings a few measurements, I did in my device. It presents me with the problem, that I am not sure anymore if I want to keep the transformer, currently used in the station.

Reverse Engineering the Saike 858D Rework Station

Quite some time ago I bought an SMD Rework Station at AliExpress. The station I ordered was a Saike 858D, which is one of the numerous versions of the 858D line of rework stations. The “original” model is probably the Atten 858D+ which Dave Jones from the EEVBlog also did a tool review on. My station was really cheap and I am, in general, glad that I have it.

However, as usual with cheap equipment, there is also a bit room for improvement. That is what I am trying to do here.