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A while ago something … weird … happened. I had not posted anything on this blog for years. And then I suddenly got a mail: Hallo , Ich sehe Ihre Website und sie ist beeindruckend. Ich frage mich, ob auf Ihrer Website Werbeoptionen wie Gastbeiträge oder Anzeigeninhalte verfügbar sind? Was ist der Preis, wenn wir auf Ihrer Website werben möchten? Hinweis: Artikel darf nicht als gesponsert oder Werbung gekennzeichnet sein.

Opening a safe - The DIY way


A few months ago I came into posession of a small safe. Okay, that sounds like I stole it. (Which I did not!). Let me phrase that differently.

A few months ago, someone sold me a safe without the combination. That sounds like I bought a stolen safe, so just marginally better.

A few months ago I bought a house, which happened to have a safe in it. The sellers inherited the house and didn’t know the combination.

Short story unnecessarily long, I had a safe and no combination to open it.

Reverse Engineering the Saike 858D Rework Station


Quite some time ago I bought an SMD Rework Station at AliExpress. The station I ordered was a Saike 858D, which is one of the numerous versions of the 858D line of rework stations. The “original” model is probably the Atten 858D+ which Dave Jones from the EEVBlog also did a tool review on. My station was really cheap and I am, in general, glad that I have it.

However, as usual with cheap equipment, there is also a bit room for improvement. That is what I am trying to do here.

Measuring Air Quality - Adding a Gas Sensor


At the time, there is quite some discussion regarding air quality and pollution going on in germany. Some cities, like Stuttgart, have to deal with high levels of fine particle emissions. That is why some people came up with a simple solution to build a sensor network for air quality. They provide detailed instruction on how to build your own air quality sensor for about 25 Euros. So, if you want to participate, just head over to

AK Homöopathie - Ein Ende(?)


Die Vorlesungszeit des Wintersemesters ist um und auch das Programm des “Arbeitskreises Homöopathie an der CAU zu Kiel e.V.” ist für dieses Semester beendet.

Erfreulicherweise ist damit aber wohl auch die Zeit des Arbeitskreises an der CAU insgesamt beendet.

34C3 Watchlist


Another year has passed and that means another congress has been visited. This year the congress moved to Messe Leipzig instead of the CCH in Hamburg. I was sceptical about the new location in the beginning.