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Hi there,

After quite a long time of silence (*cough* Sorry about that) I think I can write a new post.

At the end of last year I was at the 32C3. That is the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress. This year about 12000 nice people got together and captured the Congress Center in Hamburg for four days. Apart from the giant program of talks (which I will talk about in a second) the main part of the congress is the opportunity to meet other people and have a blast of a time. I managed to meet a lot of nice people and I learned so much during the time that I will need some time to fully sort that in my mind.

Vorbereitung auf den 30C3

Ich werde dieses Jahr das erste Mal auf den Chaos Communication Congress (30C3) in Hamburg gehen. Zum 30. Jubiläum wird das vermutlich ein ziemlich großes Event. Aber so richtig weiß ich noch nicht was mich da erwartet und was ich noch vorbereiten muss.