Why I like the Raspberry Pi B+ more than the B model

For my master thesis I happen to work with several Raspberry Pi B+. I already own two older RasPi B, one which is my Media Centre and one as a small utilities server. But the redesign has some major improvements that I really, really like.

  • 4 USB Ports: Not a major deal, but it makes my master project much easier because I can connect three Arduino to each RasPi without any problem.
  • Rearranged Ports: The old model has connectors on all four sides. My media center has power and SD-Card from the top, Audio to the right, Network at the bottom and HDMI to the left. This leaves no side to stick it right in a corner or something like that. This can be done with the B+.
  • Micro SD: (I missed this point when ordering the Hardware for my master thesis) The card doesn’t stick out anymore and doesn’t fall out that easily.
  • Ethernet port pushed back: This last point makes the board a nice rectangular package.

IMG_20150115_214948 IMG_20150115_215025

I am really tempted to buy some new Hardware to replace my two perfectly working Bs.